First post

Welcome to the academic side of my life!

Finally I got the time/patience  to create this site, something that was in my to-do-list for quite a while…

March was a pretty busy month for me, but who is not busy in the final year of her/his PhD? Besides all the thesis work (such as making the arrangements for my final user study to be run in April), I had to prepare a demo for CEBIT,  one of the largest technology fairs in Europe, and I also traveled to Boston to attend the HRI’12 conference where I presented the paper “Modelling Empathic Behaviour in a Robotic Game Companion for Children: an Ethnographic Study in Real-World Settings” (for more details check my Publications section).

Right after my presentation at HRI (which went quite well, by the way), I had the chance to visit some groups at the MIT media lab. In the Personal Robots group, I took these nice pictures with the robots…


and Nexi!